October 27, 2021

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An Alibris Review – How They Compete With the Rest of the Market

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What is Alibris? It is an online multi-lingual store that sells books. It offers its customers books of various genres at a reasonable price. You can easily find items cheaper than at traditional shops. Another great advantage is the selection of books. There are many rare items available on the site which can’t be found at common shops. The company focuses on three cornerstones performing its business activity: online sales, textbooks rentals, trading out-of-print books, movies, music. 

What makes Alibris superior to other similar sites? At first,  the prices seem to be more attractive. In some cases, the benefit from the purchase might be worth hundreds of dollars. Secondly, there are more than 270 million items for sale: books, textbooks, movies, music – the media library is impressive in its size. Besides, it’s easy to navigate and make a purchase online (that’s very important for an online store, isn’t it?). 

With so many sites offering books for sale online, how can Alibris take up the competition? Let’s find it out. 

Alibris and its Advantages for Customers

When a customer wants to buy a book, he usually goes to a common bookshop nearby. That sounds reasonable enough. Why should you wait for your book to be delivered when it’s possible to get it right away? Well, if you are looking for a widely sold item, the things go just this way. But what if you need something really rare, something that has a limited edition? In that case, online book stores are ready to give you a helping hand. 

Alibris was found by a person who used to work at a regular book-shop but soon realized he could do something bigger out of his life. He decided to cooperate with other rare booksellers all across the world to make it more available for customers to purchase such items. This is how it all began. Right now the company has its own website as a moving force of its business activities. Let’s have a closer look at the site.

At first sight, the web page looks attractive and convenient. All categories of goods are listed at the top and you can easily get access to the relevant subcategories. The search bar above will deliver you to the items you are looking for. FAQ section at the bottom will help you to find out more about the company’s policies. If you are interested in books, their genres, their impact on human life, Alibris has its own blog where you can learn all these facts and even more. An interesting fact: when shopping, you can click the “See All Copies” link and you will pull up a page that displays all sellers offering that item. Thus you will be able to know the exact price for that particular item. You can then sort through the sellers by rating, price, and condition.

Another great advantage is the variety of books to choose from. No matter If you are a casual book-lover, a student, or a professional book collector, you will find something to your liking. Alibris gives you the option to purchase workbooks and textbooks online, which can supplement what you learn from their other resources. You will find several different types of books here including bilingual readers, grammar guides, dictionaries, verb conjugation tables  and much more. 

Besides books, the website also distributes a large collection of music and movies, whether you are looking for new and popular selections or others that are older and hard to find, as well as the ability to rent popular textbooks at discounted prices.

Alibris: Gift Cards, Incentives, Payment Terms

Alibris is the best place to purchase gift cards for Christmas, birthdays, or any other occasion. With afterpay financing you can get whatever type of card that you want and they’ll ship it out right away. You don’t need to worry about giving your address or having them get the wrong type of card because Alibris has a wide variety of cards available for sale on their site. You can even buy a gift card for yourself if you’d like to do that. The site also offers weekend sales that will help you save up to $15 dollars per purchase.

What about payment? Alibris accepts all types of cards including:

  • Visa,
  • Mastercard,
  • American Express and others.

Thus, whether or not your person has one of those specific cards they’ll be able to use the Alibris shopping site without any problems at all. You don’t have to worry about them having an account because Alibris doesn’t require you to have one in order to purchase items from their store. To buy as a guest you still need to confirm your email, pay attention to that. This makes it easy to give anyone a gift whenever you want because Alibris will ship out the product right away after processing the payment which is usually just a few seconds on their website depending on what type of card that you’re using when checking out with Alibris.

Final Thoughts

To buy a book you don’t necessarily need to go to the shop around the corner. If you want to have a good discount or searching for something very special – online shopping is your best choice. Alibris can stand up the competition due to its large media library, decent prices and ability to rent books that will be a lifesaver for students who don’t want to overpay for textbooks they will stop using a year or two after the purchase. Anyway, the choice is yours to make. See for yourself if Alibris will be your number one choice or not. The site has its advantages and is definitely worth trying.

Christina Engel

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