August 5, 2021

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How to Make a Shopify Store? 7 Steps to Start a Shopify Business

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There are many ways to start an online business but the most popular one nowadays is how to make a shopify store. To be honest, it required 12 whole months just to open first ecommerce store! Then I considered doing everything by myself but for the time being I simply took help of some friends to start the website. They had a complete understanding of all technical aspects of running an ecommerce business and provided all the necessary help to start an online store smoothly.

how to make a shopify store

After getting all the technicalities done, we set up the website including creating a shopping cart and added products to the website. During this period, my friend told me that I should get started with dropshipping because it’s an easier way to start an online store. So, I started to look for information about dropshipping and I found out that this is indeed true because this is the simplest way to start an ecommerce store even if you don’t have much knowledge about web!

With that idea, I started to look for the best dropshipper. Fortunately, I got the right one after some research. This dropshipper provides free shipping rate and free shipping to its customers, as well as free returns. I also got to know about free SSL certificate, free web hosting, free domain name, free customer support, free support forum, live chat option and others.

After getting all this information, I started to build my ecommerce website. First thing in building an ecommerce store was to create web design. I looked for many different themes and eventually came up with my own Shopify theme. With that, I built the product list, selection and pricing. At the end of the process, I created a shopping cart and made the payment.

Second step on how to make a shopify store was choosing a URL. I searched for many available free webhosting solutions and came up with my own webhosting solution. Then I just needed to find a good dropshipping company to provide my online store with free SSL certificate, free hosting and free product listing. Also, I need to register my business name in the site. I selected a name that reflects my business.

Third step on how to make a shopify store was designing the web pages. For this, I used Shopify’s web page builder, which allows me to choose different colors and theme for my web pages. I also added products images and descriptions. After this, I uploaded the main menu, product description and shopping cart to the site. Finally, I set the shipping rate for my customers so that they will pay through pay pal account.

Fourth step on how to make a shopify store was adding featured products to the main menu. I have selected some famous product from my drop ship provider. When customer choose the featured products from the main menu, he will be directed to the online store.

Fifth step on how to make a shopify store was adding the product listing on the product images. I used a dropshipping company to deliver the product ordered by customers through my secure online store. Finally, I listed my business name in the main menu, product description and shipping rate for customers to see that I online store is reliable and professional.

Sixth step on how to make a shopify store was selecting the product images and theme of my site. I chose Google’s default theme because it’s very easy to use and very professional. I selected the images from my Dropshipping partner so that customers can easily see the products they bought. Finally, I made sure that the site looks professional using the latest web standards.

Seventh step on how to make a shopify store was choosing the design and template for my website. I chose Joomla templates for designing my online store. This template is very easy to use and it’s very attractive too. Therefore, it will help me add my online store more effectively.

Lastly, the last step on how to make a shopify store was getting the website hosted. I used affordable web host provider for hosting my website. Now, I don’t need to hire any web designer to make my website beautiful and attractive anymore because it was done by my affordable web host provider.

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