December 5, 2021

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What Is Shopify? An Intro For Shopify Businesses

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What Is Shopify? An Intro For Shopify Businesses

What is Shopify? Is it a new idea? Is it an actual product or is it a concept? Who uses it and why? All these questions are important when you are considering joining the world of ecommerce. This is because you want to know if it is suitable for your business, what it can do for you and how easy it is to use.

what is shopify

Shopify Incorporated is a Canadian multi-national e-commerce business headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. It is also the brand name of its own proprietary ecommerce platform for web shops and other retail point of sale systems. The name Shopify is taken from a combination of two words that reflect its purpose – shop and sell.

The platform features an online store builder where you can design and develop your website before you start selling. It includes everything you need to create your own store from design to shopping cart to sales management. When designing your site, you can choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates. You have the flexibility to change the design as often as you like. Once your site is complete, it can be integrated into the internet hosting service of your choice, so that you can easily access your site from any internet browser.

One of the main things that you have to consider before you decide to start selling online is the marketing part. This means learning how to set everything up so that your website is visible and can be found by the potential customers. Shopify has made this process very easy with the help of their interactive website builder. With a free trial available, you can try out their tools and learn how everything works.

In addition to your online store, you can also start selling other products through your website such as premium eCommerce themes, logo designs, and wallpapers. If you already have some knowledge in designing, you can use the Shopify themes builder to set up your store using their easy to understand interface. You can also add extra pages and features such as customer reviews and catalogs. All the features available are completely free, so you don’t have to worry about investing your money in these additional elements.

The free service provided by shopify allows you to try their software without any risk. Shopify provides a secure interface that allows you to post your products and services, and test everything out before you make any purchases. They provide a community forum and help section where you can get answers to questions and discuss issues with other ecommerce experts. Even though Shopify is completely free to use, they do offer a limited amount of support for their basic services, so it may be worthwhile spending a little more money to upgrade your account to the gold-level which offers you all the features you need.

There are numerous features on shopify that make it superior to other ecommerce platforms. For example, you can add almost 100 of your own themes to your store, and there are several different shopping carts available, including both classic and modern versions. You can also have the ability to manage your inventory, change the layout and appearance of your website, create and upload your own store URL, and even manage your payment method, all from your login page. Plus, all of these functions are supported on the go, meaning that you can take advantage of them whether you’re working from your laptop or on the road.

Another feature that makes shopify stand out is their built in payment gateway. Most other platforms out there will require you to either purchase a separate credit card or hire someone to install one for you, which can become costly over time. On the other hand, shopify has a built in payment gateway that allows you to accept all major credit cards and PayPal, and you can set up the process in less than 5 minutes. You’ll also be able to set up direct checkout, something which few other systems are capable of doing, and this allows customers to pay with their credit card immediately after making a purchase. And because you can build your store around themes, colors, and products almost infinitely, you never have to worry about running out of ideas.

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