December 5, 2021

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About Alibris, A New Book Publishing Platform

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Full review of Alibris.

Alibris is a new online bookstore that sells new releases, previously out-of-prints books, re-issue books, out-of-prints, hardcovers, and any other media through an on-line network of independent bookstores. The company started in 2021 as a storefront for independent authors to sell their written works through an affiliated bookstore chain. The company’s mission was to create a community for book lovers with the goal of building independent author and reader friendly stores. In their very first year they succeeded in that mission with several hundred retail locations across the United States, as well as Canada. They are currently planning to expand into six additional markets within the next couple of years.


Alibris offers hundreds of new titles every month and most of the new releases are actually available for purchase online. The company holds regular book signings at libraries, bookstores, universities, and book festivals. Each of these events allows potential readers to come and meet the authors who have books for sale. This gives readers the opportunity to purchase a title, read a little about the author, and order their own copy.

By promoting these events, Alibris hope to encourage more authors to put their books for sale in this convenient format. They also hope to encourage readers who normally wouldn’t venture out to a brick-and-mortar bookstore to make the trip online. Consumers enjoy the convenience of being able to shop from their computers and have purchases shipped directly to their door. Many people are hesitant to shop online for book titles and only make their purchases in traditional retail stores if they have to travel out of town. With Alibris, customers can simply go online to their stores to shop. It’s convenient.

When you become a member of Alibris you can choose which titles you want to buy. You can either pay for the book that you want, or you can buy a selection of the ones that are available. You can keep any titles that you purchase for free. There are no subscription fees associated with Alibris.

When you become a member of Alibris you can request the company to create a unique book covers for your books. You can choose from over forty unique book cover designs. You can either use the company’s in-house design team or create your own.

Members of Alibris can take their computer and flash drive devices with them when they purchase books from the online site. They can easily transfer their titles to their device and use it to purchase anything on the Internet. If you are a student and would like to be able to purchase your textbooks and books at any time, you can do so from your Alibris online store. You don’t have to wait for your books to be delivered or picked up by your faculty. You can have your books delivered to your Alibris residence any time you like.

With Alibris you don’t have to worry about extra charges for shipping. Your purchases are shipped directly to you from the publishing house. Once you receive your books, you will not have to pay any additional costs for handling, insurance, taxes or booklets. The cost of your subscription is very low. You can easily purchase fifty to one hundred titles at a time. Your monthly payments are conveniently made online using a secure payment processor.

One of the great things about Alibris is that if your favorite author has new books out, you can purchase the next book by the author. You will be able to continue reading about the world of Harry Potter and read what new authors are getting book reviews about their works. This service also allows you to make suggestions about future books for your subscription. If you want to know what a certain author is planning to write about for the next year, you can simply ask them about it.

Kate Shindle