December 5, 2021

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Why Alibris Academy Is Great For Adults Who Want To Be Intelligent

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Why Alibris Academy Is Great For Adults Who Want To Be Intelligent

The Alibris Academy is summer camps dedicated to teaching critical thinking, problem solving and creative thinking to kids of different ages. In the establishment of this academy was born a revolution. There are parents who are both teachers and parents, working as partners. Working as partners has its own challenges though. To help them, there are six core members that make up the Alibris Academy team.

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The core members are Jack Cotton, Sarah Carter, Danelle Cotton, David Coady, Zakia Copes and Charlie Rice. The mothers of these children have dedicated their time and their lives for the success of the academy. They have all taken part in the running of the school and they do not get any benefits or the glory. They play a vital role in the running of the school as the day to day work includes a lot of planning, dealing with students, organizing events, budgeting etc. In fact, they spend a lot of time away from the kids. They help lead by example.

The school has two levels – one is the entry level and the other is the intermediate level. The entry level allows students to have fun while learning. It is a place where students can make friends easily and where they can share ideas and concepts. The intermediate level is where the students can make real applications. They can apply their learned concepts and learn the core concepts of Alibris. This is a tough but rewarding learning experience.

The students are taught to look for problems and how to find solutions and they are given practical tasks to do in order to learn more about real life situations. The teachers encourage the children to use their creativity in solving these problems. The school aims to give each child a strong and progressive education. At the same time, they are taught that their differences are what make them unique and why they should be proud of it. Diversity is very important at Alibris Academy as it allows the children to develop their talent for knowing and understanding different people and cultures.

Alibris Academy is a Christian academy and all the teachings and activities are guided by Biblical teachings. The curriculum is written with an introduction on the essence of God. There are two religious classes at Alibris which allow the children to know more about themselves and their faith. These classes also give children opportunities to participate in Bible games and activities.

Life skills are very important at Alibris and they are used to help children understand the concepts better. All the students get to learn new things everyday such as how to count, learn the alphabet, read and write as well as understand the bible. The classroom environment is a friendly one and the teaching method is progressive and fun. The children will be encouraged to talk to their instructors and ask questions as this strengthens the relationship between the teacher and the child. This kind of teaching does not happen at other institutions of learning.

The school also focuses on family-oriented learning at Alibris. This means that each child has a mentor who mentors them and teaches them to become responsible members of society. There are no drugs or alcohol allowed inside the classroom and the students have to follow the rules and regulation set by the school. The environment at Alibris is very peaceful and quiet, as nobody will be scared of coming into class.

Another good thing about Alibris Academy is that they do not put pressure on the students. Students can talk freely without being asked to sit down and listen. Adults can freely mingle with the children and participate in the discussions. All in all, it is a great place for learning and interacting with others. There is no need for the children to feel confined and the adults can relax and enjoy. It is truly a place of learning and fun.

Kate Shindle