December 5, 2021

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Shopify Academy – Builds a Successful Shopify Store With These Shopify Ecommerce Learning Loans

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Builds a Successful Shopify Store With These Shopify Ecommerce Learning Loans

A new concept in e-commerce and internet marketing: Shopify Academy. The mission of Shopify Academy is to teach the basic strategies to start an e-commerce business as well as, give you the tools and the skills to manage an online store. They believe that every person should have the knowledge to become an entrepreneur. The concepts they are using, are not only helpful, but they will also give you the drive and motivation to make it successful.

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The reason why people love using ecommerce platforms is because of their benefits. The features such as online shopping cart and analytics can help you get more customers for your products. But before you can take advantage of these benefits, you need to know the basics. And the best way to learn these basics is by getting the most comprehensive and effective ecommerce training available.

General: Shopify Academy has an extensive set of free online learning resources. Included are tutorials on how to use the product management system of Shopify, building a store, online shopping cart setup, and building customer relationships. Every lesson includes a practice test along with the corresponding practice test page so you can get a hands-on experience. There are also live chat tutorials available which enable you to ask the question immediately. Other sections include how to use advanced features in the ecommerce platform. Each lesson includes a review of the concept along with the practical application.

Applications: Another great thing about Shopify Academy is the list of online learning resources it provides. You can learn how to integrate Google Analytics with your ecommerce platform. Analytics is a vital tool to understand where to improve with your website. Also, you can link in other useful Google tools like YouTube, Google+ and others. The resource box at the end of each lesson contains links to related articles and videos that you can refer to as you progress.

Training Courses: The training courses for beginners include short one-week modules. You will be taught how to install the shopping cart, add products to your database, add the shopping cart to your website, add a secure server and other important topics. However, you won’t be given step-by-step guides on using all the functions. As you advance, you will be given exercises and worksheets to complete. However, the work sheet for every module is not formatted accordingly so you won’t know where to start.

Worksheets and Questionnaires: The next section of the course includes questionnaires and worksheets. You will be given several questions and you need to answer them honestly. The answers you provide are used for statistical analysis according to Google trends and other factors. These questions are customized according to the topic of your training course. However, some of the questions may cover complex topics such as advanced analytics. Since there are only 10 lessons in the Academy, I suggest you take only five to six lessons before you start working with the Google analytics accounts.

Blogs and Quizzes: Last but not least, there are two blogs that are part of the Shopify Academy. These blogs provide a short intro about various topics and they are linked from the main Shopify website. The blog works like a quiz where you answer either a single or multiple-choice question depending on the topic of the blog. The second blog, linked from the main shopify page, has a series of quizzes based on each of the topics in the first blog.

The third module of the Shopify Academy called advanced analytics introduces you to the Google Analytics. It includes an Introduction to Google Analytics and then provides a number of handy functions such as custom domain names, integration with Google account sign-in, custom URL structure, site search and user profile options. Finally, there is one more module called online shopping cart that introduces you to the basic functions of an ecommerce shopping cart. This final module also gives you a choice of choosing from three different carts: JV checkout cart, Pay pal checkout cart and Merchant bank cart.

Kate Shindle