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Instagram Marketing For Business 2020

The IG Academy Masterclass

In this course you'll learn everything from how to set up your Instagram account, connecting your Instagram account to your e-commerce store, how to build your followers, how to find and create content and even run Instagram ads. I'll also share the exact method I used to make 50K as an affiliate marketer on Instagram.
Marketing Made Easy

Pinterest Marketing For Business 2020

The Pin Academy Masterclass

In this course you'll learn everything from how to set up a Pinterest business account to running Pinterest ads and the best way to optimize your pinning strategy. Learn how to increase traffic to your website, and increase your email list. I'll also share the exact method I use to get more than 1.5 million impressions per month on Pinterest and how I make money.
Pinterest For Business


Issen A

Course Instructor

Issen has taught in person and online courses and marketing workshops for more than a decade. He is the founder of Citaldel Mediaa digital marketing agency based in sunny southern California.  He enjoys working with entrepreneurs the best.  

"People who launch their own businesses are self-motivated and that energy is contagious. It makes me happy to help people who are ready to learn and grow their business. "

He's currently teaching courses on Shopify, Instagram, Pinterest and podcasting. 

"I love the "I get it now!" moments when I am teaching someone a new skill. That's a very proud instructor moment." 

When he's not talking about the world of online marketing he can be found working on his foodie Instagram or his podcast.

What People Are Saying...

Course Reviews

“Great instructor and course. I learned basically everything I needed to about Instagram marketing. All the topics were well explained and the presentation and pacing were top notch. If you're looking for an Instagram marketing course this is definitely the place to start. I can recommend this course with confidence.”

Connie W, Marketing Director - Non Profit

“Of all the courses I've attended on the E-commerce topic, this is by far the best. Even if you have zero experience on how to setup an online store or already have such a store but wish to bring it up to the next level.." ”

Chris Wong, SAWA

“I enjoyed the course. I am a regular Pinterest user and was looking for an advanced course to help me be more strategic with pins, analytics and the algorithm. The course content was a good mix of basic and advanced. The presenter was easy to understand and likable.”

Zoey, Women In Business